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I know I missed yesterday, I spent the time after work sleeping off a headache, and I'm sorry.

I'd like to thank all those that participated and all those that commented. It's been nice revisiting the films and the actors. A wonderful celebration of film, actors, artists, and writers. I wish there was a way to share every single piece of art (there was so much) and all the fantastic authors and their stories. I hope that you've enjoyed the few that we could share. And I propose we revisit this again in a few months and keep the love going.

To end our month-a fic rec that I think is a must read, and a very large pic spam.

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Posters and a rec

The Seduction of Viggo Mortensen by slashyelizabeth - http://slashyelizabeth.livejournal.com/54417.html

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Yes, I skipped yesterday, and I'm off here again in a few. So I'm combining days, but it's a large post

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How can the month be half over already?

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A long time ago there was a wonderful photo shoot with Orlando. It was terribly inspirational to many people.

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Places we'd all like to visit

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